Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In at Chicago Booth!

I got the phone call today around 3pm EST - a nice woman welcoming me to the Booth Class of 2014. Holy fuck I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was a blubbering mess when I saw the 773 area code. The admissions officer laughed at my communication difficulties as I fumbled for words to say. My awkwardness was akin to a teenager asking a girl out for the first time, magnified by a factor of 10.

Guess all of the speculation about Booth being oversubscribed was wrong! Between 5-10 people from the GMAT Club Forum were accepted from the WL today, so I figure they are still trying to shape a substantial portion of their class.

I have no idea what got me in. My waitlist update included all the things I loved about Booth + a new recommendation letter. I might have been put on the WL because of a perceived lack of interest in Booth (false!), or because my application wasn't strong enough. I might have gotten in because of the "rah-rah Booth" attitude I espoused in my update materials, or because a ton of management consultants from R2 declined Booth's offer. Who knows?

Looks like have a big decision ahead of me. I'm so happy to have this chance. I think Columbia and Booth are both great schools and I'll have a great education either way. My next post will try to break down the decision of which school to go to.

More later.


  1. "Hopefully Booth takes me off the WL, and then we can be classmates!" - The Applicationist

    You left the above quote on my blog on 4/27/12 at approximately 7:23p.m. I believe this statement constitutes an iron clad agreement to be my classmate at Booth if (really when) you are admitted off the waitlist. Booth got it 100% right yesterday. So now it's your turn to keep your promise and choose Booth. CONGRATULATIONS!!

    My statements are 100% right and biased :-)

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  3. Hi there The Applicationist, its been while since you last updated this thread, so I'm just shooting in the dark and hope you notice it. I was hoping to be able to ask you a few questions about Booth and especially the getting off the waitlist process, and would be very grateful for any insights you might have. Do drop me a line on my email (its available on my profile). Many thanks in advance. Regards et al.

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